Wickedness !!! Ritualist Caught Exhuming Corpses In Kogi, Almost Lynched By Angry Mob (photo) 

A man in Kogi State was found exhuming corpses at the Karaworo/Angwan TIV Muslim cementary some days ago.

He said he had been instructed to bury some materials at the graves but could not show an angry crowd what he buried. He was almost lynched but for Usman, who interrogated him. The police later arrested the man for further investigations. Here is Usman’s post:

He is by name Isiaka Isah, he was caught in a act of digging one of the grave at the Karaworo/Angwan tiv Muslim cementary today morning by our well trained vigilante men in the community.

If not for our quick intervention he could have been mopped to dead by the angry youths, but during my interrogation with the suspect, he said his intention was not to exhume dead body, he further said that he has been having a fearful terrible nightmare in which he do see ghost chasing him, which now led him to consult a native doctor who later instructed him to go and burry some items in a grave so that the ghost will stop chasing him but he was later urge to bring out the already buried item but he said he is confused, that he couldn’t longer locate were he buried the items. He was since been handed over to the D.P.O A division police station lokoja for further investigation.

More photos ; 

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