Watch Ice Cube Returns In Latest Trailer For “x*x: Return Of Xander Cage”

Two X’s in one movie.

As Vin Diesel continues his second coming, Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for x*x: Return of Xander Cage ahead of its release next Friday. It’s a short trailer at only 30 seconds, but it does include one notable detail: the return of Ice Cube to the fray.

While the first x*x movie was a hit, the sequel replaced Vin Diesel with Ice Cube and didn’t achieve nearly the same success. However, with the new film chock full of stars like Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa, Nina Dobrev and more, it makes sense to bring the other x*x star back.

Will fond memories of the first x*x be enough to bring you back to theaters to see this movie? Did anyone like Ice Cube’s x*x more than Vin Diesel’s?

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