Read ehy MMM Top Guider, Chuddy Escaped With His lovely Wife

The hope mavrodians have of retrieving their ‘investments’ and ‘profits’ from the MMM Ponzi scheme continues to dim as Nigeria’s top guider, Chuddy Ugorji, has reportedly fled the country.

It was gathered that Chuddy left Nigeria with his wife to the Philippines, out of fear.

He fled the country when many investors were waiting to be paid their money with the accrued interest, the News Agency of Nigeria reported.

He was said to have secretly used multiple accounts to make millions from MMM.

Chuddy’s relocation came a day after MMM released new conditions for payment of participants.

He had given the impression that the Ponzi scheme had started paying outstanding money to participants of the scheme. But the payment is just symbolic.

Meanwhile, the ponzi scheme issued new guidelines on Wednesday, but many who have their cash in the MMM system are getting really worried.

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