Photo Of Little Girl Tortured And Accused Of Being A Witch In Akure. Wickedness!!!

This little girl was tortured, chained in a dog cage without food for months and left to die in Akure after she was accused of being a witch. You will shed a tear of joy after you see this new photo of how  she looks now.

Dr Joel Odumakin shared the testimony on her Instagram page:

It’s so sad little child was accused of witchcraft in Akure and after all tortures and attempts to kill but she did not die; she was chained in a dog cage without food for months before she was found and brought out by someone. I stumbled on the good people who found andbstarted taking care of her again. What a world!

Her torturers thought her not to survive, but she was rescued after months she was caged and deserted. Largely in rural African parts, geniuses are still victims of primitive ignorance #PeculiarChildNotWitch

But here, see the beautiful child after she was rescued and cared for. I specially appreciate the police officers who took her and cared for her upon rescuing her. May you not lack remedy in any time of difficulty! #PeculiarChildNotWitchcraft

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