Falz to artistes: Use music to help lives not glorify fraud

​Folarin Falana, Nigerian artiste popularly known as Falz, says Nigerian entertainers should stop hailing fraudsters and glorifying fraud with their music.

The 26 year-old singer Cvm actor made this known in an interview with HIP TV.

“I feel so strongly about this, now you are somebody, you are an entertainer, and you are positioned as a role model to the younger ones coming up here.

“And on musical records, you are greeting all the yahoo boys,fraudsters, calling their names personally and hailing them.

“This culture will make the younger ones believe that it is good to do it.

“It is not, you are destroying our future.”

The Ello Bae singer advised entertainers to sing about things that can help lives and not glorify fraudulent people and their activities.

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“As an entertainer, sing about something that can help our lives.

“Paint a picture, tell the story, don’t glorify fraudulent people, it is not good.”

In a recent interview, Femi Falana, human rights lawyer, says he’s happy that Falz, his son, is now using his music to talk about Nigeria’s problems.

It is a common trend on the Nigerian music scene for recording artistes to talk about S3x, women, drugs and money in their songs.


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