Crime; Husband Stabs Wife To Death Because She Talked To Another Man

53-year-old man who got jealous because his wife spoke to another man and stabbed her to death has been jailed for life.

Robert Bance stabbed Victoria Bance, 37, more than 20 times after he accused her of speaking to another man on a night out.

The Metro UK reports that, On October 8, she had stormed out of a night club following an argument with her husband and was heard saying in the back of a taxi, ‘he’s going to kill me’

The quarrel continued after they returned from the night club.

He was said to have stabbed her 16 times in the chest with a 17cm military style knife that belonged to his father.

He then immediately called police to confess.

Plymouth Crown Court was played the emergency call in which he was heard saying: ‘Hello, I just killed my wife.

‘I just killed her. I just killed her. Oh my god. She is dead.’

Mrs Bance was rushed to hospital but died on October 9.

She had 23 wounds in total, with 14 deeply penetrating her heart and both of her lungs.

Bance pleaded guilty to murder and was given life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 15 years.

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